Save Gaza Projects
Our people in Gaza Strip have been subjected to the most heinous war of extermination that affects people, stones and trees, from which the towers, homes, factories, mosques, schools, institutes, private institutions and public facilities were not spared. They are in great distress and need our support and our standing by them.

Providing 5 solar power stations for hospitals in the Gaza Strip

Project goals

- Supporting the health sector with medical equipment and tools, and what the health sector urgently needs

- Raising the efficiency of the health sector to carry out its duties towards health challenges in light of very difficult humanitarian conditions

- Providing electrical energy for medical equipment and devices in hospitals by providing clear and solar energy alternatives to cover the immediate needs of hospitals

- Providing hospitals with a solar energy system with seven power stations with the latest engineering specifications.

Providing 5 life detection devices and saving their demolished homes

Project goals

Unavailability of modern rescue equipment and tools at the General Directorate of Civil Defense.

Advancement and development of the fire and rescue department by providing modern work equipment to protect lives.

Protecting lives, preserving their lives, and responding quickly to save them from the danger of dying under the rubble.

The ability to quickly reach those under the rubble, locate and reach them.

The repeated wars on Gaza Strip, which resulted in large numbers of wounded and injured.

The great deficit of government institutions in providing devices to search for living under the rubble.

A deterioration in the civil defense and emergency sector in general as a result of the blockade and closure for nearly 15 years.

The lack of these devices at the civil defense teams working in the field.

Compensation for families of demolished homes in Gaza Strip

Project goals

Providing money to help families and rescue them due to the destruction of their homes and the loss of their properties and places of residence.

Helping the citizen of Gaza to remain steadfast on his land.

Contributing to the healing of families whose homes have been destroyed and applying a balm to deeply traumatize them after the destruction of their homes and dwellings by providing apartments or temporary housing places and providing cash so that they can collect their wounds and continue their lives and be compensated for what is destroyed through possible development projects after the end of the aggression.

Providing fuel for children's hospitals in Gaza Strip

The exacerbation of the problem of power outages in Gaza Strip and the failure of all attempts and initiatives to solve the power outage crisis

The noticeable increase in diesel prices, with the inability of the administrative medical apparatus in hospitals to provide the cost of providing diesel

Project goals

The project aims to strengthen the Palestinian health sector
Empowering the performance of children's hospitals in Gaza Strip, in order to ensure the continuity of medical services for sick children

Preserving the lives of sick children from any deterioration or danger.

Improving the psychological state of Palestinian families, especially families of sick children.

Urgent parcels and meals

Project goals

Enhancing food security and improving the living conditions of poor and needy families by providing their basic needs

Reducing the financial burden needed to obtain food and other essential items for poor families

Contribute to alleviating psychological pressure on heads of poor families

Raise the spirits and the feeling of brotherhood, solidarity among poor families

Supplying medical supplies and materials for ambulances in Gaza

Project goals

Rapid intervention to rescue critically injured patients, which ambulance crews cannot reach in the advanced places

Take care the health condition and suffering suffered by the wounded during the war, with the aim of obtaining appropriate specialized and rehabilitative medical services and not exacerbating injuries in the areas of clash

Helping to provide specialized and urgent medical services to the injured and prevent their health condition from getting worse

Providing hospitals in Gaza with ambulances

Project goals

Supporting Gaza Strip with the medical equipment and tools that the health sector urgently needs.

Raising the efficiency of the health sector to carry out its duties towards health challenges in light of very difficult humanitarian conditions.

Providing field capabilities for ambulances to cover the immediate need for them in the circumstances of Gaza.

Providing five ambulances to supply hospitals in Gaza.