Sponsorship Program

Filistin Waqf is based on a set of sustainable sponsorship programs for a target group in the Gaza Strip, and the sponsorship is divided into: Orphans' sponsorship, Holy Quran memorization centers, and the undergraduate and surgical department sponsorship project
Ensuring orphans

It mainly aims to protect the new generation of orphan children by providing them economically, which saves them from loss and homelessness. 

University student sponsorship project

Enabling students to complete their university studies and pay university fees and tuition fees to alleviate the burden of the Palestinians

Ensuring the Holy Quran Centers

Supporting the Quran memorisers to help spread the teaching and memorization of the Noble Qur’an in the Gaza Strip

Surgery diploma sponsorship

A project of continuing rehabilitation and training of doctors for the Palestinian medical staff, a professional diploma in vascular surgery in cooperation with the Islamic University of Gaza and the Palestinian Doctors Association in Europe  

Sponsorship of preachers

Working on reforming society and addressing its faults in a preaching and systematic manner, and preparing the desired generation requires the sponsorship of the preachers and their care.

Guards of Al Aqsa sponsorship

They were cut off from their work and their lives for the sake of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and its guard. They are the stationers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque. They deserve to provide a decent life for them, don't they?  

Our business standards Palestine Waqf


We investigate very accurate and transparent criteria to select cases that are worthy of entering a sponsorship program.   


We professionally approve the administrative and financial reports and present them to the supporting parties, and we seek to link between the supporter and the beneficiary in most guarantees, based on the desire of any of the parties


The sponsorship programs aim to get rid of the burden of dependency and rely on its strategic vision on sustainability and development  

Contribute with us to sponsorship programs & establish sustainable development projects  

About Sponsorship programs

Sponsorships of PALESTINE WAQF aims to achieve sustainability and focuses on projects that require continuous intervention by different segments of society  

The orphan group has become a large percentage of the Palestinian people as a result of the brutal attacks of the occupation forces and the large number of martyrs that have left behind, most of them parents of children. Rather, it has become a pattern in the life of the population and an important part of their culture.  

The idea of the project is based on sponsoring 50 male and female students during the university study period for a whole year, with a monthly guarantee of $ 50 for each student In order to save the price of semester books, stationery, and monthly transportation to and from the university.
The target students will be selected based on the difficulty of the economic situation, in addition to the remaining study period for each student  

The project includes the areas of the Palestinian people's presence inside and outside Palestine in order to achieve the desired goals, which are: sponsoring advocacy work among the Palestinian community, working to reform the Palestinian society and addressing mistakes in an advocacy and methodological manner, preparing the desired generation, and qualifying legal specialists from among the Palestinian people  

Providing a guarantee for the 297 male and female conservators who work in memorization circles in the mosques all over the Gaza Strip, as the Ministry of Endowments always seeks to prepare a new generation of Holy Quran keepers and take care of them and provide incentives for male and female conservatives and keepers alike, in addition to that this project represents a commitment From the Ministry of Endowments towards these governors, noting that the Ministry spares no effort to assist the conservators when the capabilities are available and also provides them with in-kind assistance.


Providing decent and decent living for the guards of Al-Aqsa who stop working in order to guard the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, as guardianship has become their profession and their job. A guard is a person, a man or a woman, who stays in Al-Aqsa for long periods of time in order to protect and defend it in the event of an incursion by the occupation forces and settlers.
These are students who sit on the floors of knowledge, and among them are the workers who transport the elderly by carts, and some of them water visitors and bring water, but their main task is to defend Al-Aqsa.  

. Sponsorship Programs

The services and administrative details that underlie Palestine Waqf in the sponsorship program, the value of donations, and how to manage files according to the detailed table below  

Sponsoring 200 orphans in the Gaza Strip
Provide two years of sponsorship
Reducing the economic and psychological impacts
Selection based on periodic field research
Submit administrative and financial reports
Project budget: $ 10,000 per month
Sponsorship of a university student
Sponsorship of 50 university students
Provide a one-year of sponsorship
Reducing psychological impacts and stress
Selection based on marital status
Submit administrative and financial reports
Project Budget: $ 30,000 per month
Sponsorship of the Quran reciter
Sponsorship of 297 persons
Provide a one-year of sponsorship
Help in spreading the Qur’an & its sciences
Reducing the unemployment rate
Increasing the number of pioneers of Quran centers
Project budget: $ 178,200
Guards of Al Aqsa sponsorship
Per month one time
Ensuring 50 guards at Al-Aqsa Mosque
Provide a monthly sponsorship
Disruption of occupation plans
Activating the state of guard and ribat in al-Aqsa
Support the guards at Al-Aqsa Mosque
Project Budget: $ 25,000 per month