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An independent, non-profit development organization based in Turkey, seeks to build bridges of hope and constructive communication by establishing & sponsoring endowment projects that are sustainable and feels social responsibility towards Palestine, the Palestinian people and their humanitarian needs.

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Olive trees donated

Target: 12,500 olive trees

Palestine Waqf News

11 Oct 14:29
11 Oct 14:29
photo_2021-10-11 12.32.11

Waqf Palestine launches the first volunteer forum in Istanbul

The Palestine Endowment launched the activities of the first volunteer forum in Uskudar Municipality in Istanbul, in the presence of a number of volunteers, the mayor’s advisor and a group of legal persons.

17 Sep 15:22
17 Sep 15:22

وقف فلسطين ينفذ زيارات شكر لعدد من الشركاء

وقف فلسطين تنفذ جملة من الزيارات لعدد من الشركات لتقديم الشكر والتقدير لهم على جهودهم في دعم مشاريع الوقف

14 Sep 15:40
14 Sep 15:40
said ercan

وقف فلسطين يكرّم الفيلسوف سعيد أرجان

بحث سبل التعاون المشترك مع الفيلسوف سعيد أرجان مؤسس ورئيس مجلس إدارة الرابطة الدولية لوسائل التواصل الاجتماعي USMED

13 Aug 16:09
13 Aug 16:09

Waqf Palestine in solidarity with those affected by the floods in Turkey

As the Palestine Waqf, we convey our best wishes to our citizens who were affected by the flood disaster in Kastamonu, Sinop, Bartın, Karabük and surrounding cities in Turkey.

Save Gaza Projects

Our people in Gaza Strip have been subjected to the most heinous war of extermination that affects people, stones and trees, from which the towers, homes, factories, mosques, schools, institutes, private institutions and public facilities were not spared. They are in great distress and need our support and our standing by them.

Support 49%

The health sector in Gaza suffers from a severe shortage of material resources and health facilities. After this aggression, they need people to bind their wounds, so be with them.

Support 78%

The distribution of food parcels and basic needs for those who left their homes due to the aggression, contribute to support their steadfastness in these difficult days.

Support 18%

Providing life detection devices and saving people trapped under the rubble. Your contribution may be a reason to save a breathing soul, so do not be skimpy on yourself.

Providing hospitals in Gaza Strip with ambulances, in light of the acute shortage of resources and capabilities as a result of the collapse of the health system in Gaza 

A project to provide 5 solar energy stations for hospitals in Gaza Strip

Supplying children’s hospitals in Gaza with fuel, in light of the severe shortage that Gaza Strip suffers from

Sponsorship Program

Filistin Waqf is based on a set of sustainable sponsorship programs for a target group in the Gaza Strip, and the sponsorship is divided into: Orphans' sponsorship, Holy Quran memorization centers, and the undergraduate and surgical department sponsorship project

It mainly aims to protect the new generation of orphan children by providing them economically, which saves them from loss and homelessness.  

Supporting the Quran memorisers to help spread the teaching and memorization of the Noble Qur’an in the Gaza Strip  

Enabling students to complete their university studies and pay university fees and tuition fees to alleviate the burden of the Palestinians

It aims primarily to sponsor students of the Department of Surgery and to complete their university studies until graduation

Minia Kudus Project

Learn about the landmarks of the Holy City and Al-Aqsa Mosque through the mobile vehicle in the Turkish cities and neighborhoods
You can track the trajectory of the cart on Google Maps through this link
For institutions, charities, schools & educational places, you can contact us From here to book the Al Aqsa traveling exhibition To visit your places  

Why to choose Palestine Waqf for your donations?
Sustainable endowment projects

Sustainable endowment projects such as schools, hospitals, or homes for the needy

Our endowment work activity in Palestine

We are in the besieged Palestine and Gaza to help the needy

Relief for individual cases

Although the Endowment Foundation directs to halt projects to ensure sustainability, there is an individual emergency in the Gaza Strip for which a donation is made.

Full transparency in donated funds

The existence of a file of transparency and documentation of the donated sums to ensure that the money reaches those who need it

لقاء د. محمد العزامي على قناة قاف التفاعلية

شاهد لقاء عضو مجلس إدارة وقف فلسطين د. محمد العزامي على قناة قاف التفاعلية للحديث عن وقف فلسطين وأهم أنشطته وفعالياته

A fasting breakfast project for a thousand Palestinian families in Ramadan

مشروع إفطار صائم لأكثر من ألف عائلة في فلسطين طيلة أيام شهر رمضان المبارك
تنفيذ مؤسسة وقف فلسطين – تركيا

Ramadan Hymns

The Palestine Waqf and the Palestine Scholars Association are inviting you to attend the Ramadan Quranic evening
Via the Zoom platform
You are up to date with: Selected readings, dewy voices, and distinctive passages that soften hearts and souls

What did the nation’s scholars said about Palestine Waqf in the International Jerusalem Week

Excerpts from the sayings of the nation’s scholars about the endowment of Palestine and the most important activities and events of the endowment and their invitation to donate to the projects and guarantees carried out by the Palestine Endowment Foundation
In the evening of the keys to goodness on the sidelines of Al-Quds International Week

Watch: The completion of the winter clothing project in the Gaza Strip

Winter clothes and blankets were distributed to about 300 needy families in the Gaza Strip

Watch: How to donate online through the Palestine Waqf website

Steps to donate online through the Palestine Waqf website to support various endowment projects and programs.

Watch: An explanatory film about the most important activities of the Palestinian Waqf

Palestine Waqf: Your way to a permanent endowment and giving, watch this film that documents the most important activities of the Palestine Waqf during the first year of its launch to serve humanitarian, development, educational and relief projects in the Gaza Strip

How to donate and support Palestine endowment projects?
Bank deposit

You can donate through bank deposit
Palestine Waqf Bank Account

Attendance to Waqf headquarter

We are honored to visit the headquarter of the Palestine Waqf to donate
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Online donation

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Delegate request for cash payment

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 Be an aid to humanity and support the Palestinian Waqf projects

Be the change, and initiate a donation to the relief, development, educational and health projects for Palestine Waqf for our people in the Gaza Strip, and earn the reward for them.  

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